domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

IWD (International Women´s Day) 2011

Let´s celebrate International Women´s Day 2011 with a 6-minute long video which shows the disparity of women's opportunity across the world, highlighting issues ranging from maternity leave (= time off work because of pregnancy and childbirth) to property rights. It´s a graphic animation included in the report "Women´s Economic Opportunity Index;" some of the facts mentioned are really interesting and all of them are up to date: it´s easy to follow because you get the images and the text related to it while the narrator explains it all -it´s a very good listening exercise because you know what the  content will be but you don´t know the exact words the narrator will use. Let me know whether you found it easy or hard to understand.

And now look at the image below. It´s an ad of a bank but I would like you to focus on the three different messages on the (same) photo: how would you explain this series of photos in relation to the role of women in society?

And talking about women and work, since I am a big movie fan, have a look at this video from the blog Feminist Frequency where Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic, comments on the role of women in films from a feminist perspective, The Bechdel Test.

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  1. Laura Rodríguez de la Sierra07 marzo, 2011

    For me, it's incredible to know that we (women) are still considered "inferior" in most aspects of life. I know that in most countries things are changing but there are lots of things to do, especially in Africa.
    In my opinion, the first video, it's not difficult to understand, I mean, it's not very easy but you can understand it without problems.

  2. I agree, Laura, some things in the video are hard to believe.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Jessica López Santiso nº:16 1ºB
    In relation to the second image about the woman who takes care of her four children we see the different perspectives from which we can appreciate the roles of mothers or women in our society.
    On the one hand, the word 'privilege': Certainly, it's a privilege for her to be able of enjoying a house where her children can play happy and healthy and even the opportunity to be a mother. It's also a privilege for them the chance to live protected and counting on someone who looks after them, who cares about them.
    The second one is 'sacrifice': How much she'll must fight for keeping them going and that they'll be people who'll be able to earn their life, even giving up other pleasures to devote to them and having arguments with their children that they surely later thank her.
    And finally, 'role model': The example that the woman will set to their children with everything she does, because they'll copy it. And, at the same time, a role model for the rest of mothers who have to make an effort and any person who must exert a great responsibility alone, by herself.

  4. I would like to write about the second image, that reminds us of the idea that everything is relative.In this case,we can see a mother with her children.Of course,having the experience of being a mother is one of the most thrilling experiences a woman can live. Everibody mother would die to save her children´s life without thinking twice, only because of love, even because of her instict.But if we observe this case from a different point of view we realise that being a mother can mean very diferent things.
    On one side it´s the greatest privilege in the life. Having the oppportunity of bring up your son or your daughter, knowing that you have given him the life and being able to see them growing up, must be really nice
    But of course if you take the decision of being a mother you are doing a sacrifice, because you will lose many things that you would be doing if you were living a different life.In addition, you have a great responsability, even more if you are a single mother, bescause you are the most important model of your children, and what they will be in his lifes, will be, somehow, thanks to you.
    Aniway when they grow up, both of you will remember,despiste of problems, fights or sacrifices, the times when they were children as the best days of your lifes.
    Héctor Pardo 1ºE

  5. Nice thoughts, Héctor. Don´t you think your mother would like to see what you wrote? Show her this page, with the excuse of showing her how much you are working for the English class, and let her enjoy your comment - and then you will find out if she agrees with your last statement.


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