miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

A Little Bit of Uganda in Our Hearts

When we were getting ready for Dr. Joaquín Mendoza´s lecture about his work at "Cirujanos del mundo," little did we know that we would be getting a taste of Uganda in some of our classes every Tuesday, first with Yunusu and Emmanuel and then, once Yunusu had left, with Emmanuel. The students did not get to meet Fred but he is a cute little boy who is also back home now -and who, I´m sure, they will all wish they had met.

In the future, when we hear about Uganda, we´ll put a face to any piece of news from there -and a very good-looking face, indeed.

Here are some images of our friends in our school:

I, for one, will miss picking Emmanuel up every Tuesday morning. I know it wasn´t easy for him to come into our almost-completely-white school, but he enjoyed himself very much around us, so much so that he pushed himself to overcome his fear. Besides, he did everything he was asked to do for school, from homework to classwork; he felt at ease in the small classes, so much so that he would raise his hand if he had any questions and he would participate if he knew the answers. This has been a two-way street: he has learnt among us but we have learn a lot from him.

As for the English class, I hope having Emmanuel around has shown my students that leaning English can be both useful and rewarding.

These kids deserve not only a newspaper article but a magazine cover:

Good luck, Emmanuel, Yunusu and Fred and lots of love from your friends in Lugo!

I won´t answer any of your comments since I understand they are all for Emmanuel. I hope he will enjoy them

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  1. Óscar Pallín Arias17 marzo, 2011

    Emmanuel is a great friend. I also think that he left a little bit of Uganda in our hearts. These breaks with him, these class... I hope him get a good memory of Lugo, of us, although he prefers Uganda because it's hotter than here. Good luck, friend Emmanuel :)

  2. Carlos Real18 marzo, 2011

    Have good luck friend! I think that you showed us many things that we didn't know. Thank you!

  3. Manuel Díaz Palmeiro18 marzo, 2011

    We spent little time with him, but I think it is a good friend and best persona. We can emphasize his sympathy,his generosity and love for girls...jejejeje did well while in lugo With Us but we hope to do better, good luck dear Emmanuel.

  4. Emmanuel, I hope that you have a good time in Uganda and that you remember us. You are very nice, kind and funny and I had really good times with you. The classes were different with you. Thank you.

  5. Despite the short time we spent with Emmanuel, were very funny moments where we learned a lot about their cultures and traditions. I know it's tough, but I would love to see him and see that is just as happy as ever. Good luck and take care Emmanuel.
    P.D: I´m Manuel Novo

  6. Dear Rosa and dear pupils:

    I have just written a short text about a film related to Uganda in our music blog (MUSOG). I think it is very interesting for you, not only to learn English but also to discover more things about Uganda, the place where Emmanuel is from.
    I also think Emmanuel couldn´t have been in better hands, ;)

  7. Thank you, Belén, both for the tip about the film and for the compliment...

  8. Sara López26 marzo, 2011

    Emmanuel, I am grateful to share our english classes with you, I hope you have enjoyed in Lugo and you have a good time in Uganda. Good luck friend!

  9. Jessica López Santiso

    I am very sorry not to be able to post here before, I have had some problems with my computer at home. I don't know if Emmanuel will read this, but I would like to thank him for coming to class so happy during those days, for his joy, because despite what he was going on and being in a completely unknown country for him, he has always been grinning from ear to ear.
    I wish him all the luck in the world. Soon after, he has shown us what amazing boy he is, I hope he had also enjoyed his stay here. It has been a pleasure to enjoy a bit of Africa in our classes and his affection.
    A kiss and a big hug, I'm sure we'll never forget you.
    Thanks to our teacher Rosa too, for the time he has spent doing this tribute to the boys!


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