viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

This is a lovely stop motion short film about Marcel, a shy shoe-wearing shell. He tells us a little bit about his personality, his likes, his life... Marcel is voiced by comedian Jenny Slate

I only did the complete activity with one group in class, so, for the rest of you, here it is for some autonomous learning. Follow the steps I suggest.

Before you watch the video, you should make sure you know the meaning of the following words:

Wordle: shell

Here are some questions you should try to get the answer for:

1. How does Marcel describe himself?
2. Why is his place so messy?
3. What does he wear as a hat?
4. What happened once when he nibbled on a piece of cheese?
5. What does he use as skis?
6. How does he talk on the phone?
7. What does he do for adventure?
8. What does he use as a pen?
9. Why is he afraid to drink soda?
10. What does he use as a pet instead of a dog?
11. What happened when he smelled a tennis sneaker?
12. What happened when he looked at a diamond?
13. Who / What is Allan? Where did he find it?

First of all, watch the video as it is -no subtitles and no translations anywhere - try to get as many answers as possible:

This is the video with the subtitles in English; watch it but don´t look at the questions now, put your memory to work and write the answers as soon as the video is over:

And if you need extra help with the vocabulary, click here and you´ll get the video with the subtitles in Spanish. You can use it to check your answers and correct them.

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