viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Start the Weekend with a Smile

The King´s Speech got four awards at the Oscar Ceremony last Sunday: best picture of the year, best actor (Colin Firth), best original screenplay (David Seidler) and best director (Tom Hooper). This film is based on the true story of  King George VI -Queen Elizabeth II´s father- and his fight to overcome his stutter. Click here  if you are interested in watching a video of the real king speaking in public.

This is the trailer of the film with subtitles in Spanish; I am not allowed to embed the trailer with English subtitles but click here to watch it.
If you haven´t seen the film, you should watch it carefully in order to fully enjoy the next video.

This is a parody of "The King´s Speech", it is called "The President´s Speech". Enjoy it!

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