martes, 12 de abril de 2011

No Laughing Matter

There has been so much talking and writing about Gaddafi lately that what is going on in Lybia has sadly become just another war in the north of Africa... but I wonder how much you know about him. Click here and you´ll see a photo essay that will help you understand everything related to him and his family a little bit better - by the way, some of the comments written by the readers are really interesting and revealing. The article is a photo essay called "Keeping Up with the Qaddafis" - a pun of words on the phrase"keeping up with the Joneses":

As for the family name, Gaddafi, don´t worry if you ever misspell it; there seem to be over 32 accepted ways of spelling it. Here are just a few of them - I am afraid I disagree with the person who uploaded the video and included the acronym LOL in the title; in my view, there is nothing to laugh about in relation to this man.

Any comments about this family? Would you describe it as an ordinary family? Why (not)?

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