miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Learning Vocabulary: Hipster

Sure, the best (and most boring) way to learn vocabulary is to look words up and learn them by heart, but here´s another way. Let´s learn the meaning of a popular word, "hipster." In order to do that, we´ll watch a video where a group of hipsters are talking about music.

First of all, watch this video (it´s over four minutes long so you may not need to watch it till the end to actually know what a hipster is). After watching the video, click here to check the definitions of the word.Did you get the meaning right?

And now, what is a "hipster" in Spanish or Galician?

3 comentarios:

  1. Jessica López Santiso nº16 1ºB

    I think the video is not very easy to understand just because of such strange things they speak about, their peculiar musical tastes. Songs they have heard in places like a church... which don’t usually arouse young or middle-aged interest, as they are. It’s clear the people appearing in the video aren’t guided by what most of people normally do or what they usually like and their appearance is also different from everybody else. They are like independent and, after have it checked by reading the definition of the word, I think it's 'hippie' as we call it in our country. In my opinion, this is something quite deductible from the beginning too, because of the resemblance between this word and 'hipster'.

  2. Well done, Jessica!I have also seen "hipster" translated as "hippie" but, to me, they are completely different things.
    As for the "church song," it is a Christmas carol sung in a peculiar well. In fact, all the songs they sing are quite popular.

  3. Sara Pardo, 1ºE23 mayo, 2011

    I also think the word "hipster" means something like "hippie". In the video this word represents independient people, different from each other but with one thing in common: their lifestyle. It seems that they mind very little what others think of them and they´re trying to find a perfect melody, from fragments of songs that remind each of popular songs that have ever heard, but they do not attempt to copy anything, just do something in a different way, like them.


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