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Mothers´Day 2011

Mother´s Day is celebrated in many countries in the world (not in all of them) but not always on the same date -though May is the favourite month for the celebration. Click here to know the dates around the world.

Every year, the "Mothers' Index" is published; it shows the best and worst countries to be a mother. The information is compiled from statistics on the well-being of mothers and children, that is, their health together with educational and economic status.In 2010 Spain ranked 13, whereas the US ranked 28; Norway, Australia, Iceland and Sweden topped the rankings while Afghanistan ranked last among the 160 countries surveyed. Click here to read about the facts and figures of the infographic.


Let me give you some hints to help you understand mothers better.

Mothers see the world from a unique perspective - you have to be a mother to understand it. And, yes, most of us over a certain age have real problems to understand the world of computers and the internet.

We, mothers, always mean what we say but we are conscious that, quite often, that goes in through one ear and comes out the other.

Mind you, we do know how to make ourselves understood:

And we feel surprised -and delighted- when we know our words have really got through.

By the way, you needn´t buy a present  to prove that you love your mother, we live in a society highly influenced by consummerism and advertisers will tell you the weirdest things will be nice presents for her, don´t believe them:

Relationships between mothers, fathers and children are not always easy. On a day we are pushed to celebrate and feel happy about, we cannot forget how many children suffer because of their tough relationships with their mothers. Take John Lennon´s, for instance. His father left him at an early age, and his mother, Julia, was killed by a hit-run driver in front of the house she and John lived in, while John was looking out the window, waiting for her to come home from work. He witnessed his mother's violent death at 16 (He later named his first-born son "Julian" to honor her, and wrote the song "Julia" in her memory). But his childhood was not what you would describe as a happy one; click here to read and see an autobiographical video of the way John Lennon felt about his parents. Maybe after you´ve listened to the song, you will want to watch the film" Nowhere Boy" about John Lennon´s teenage years; click here to watch the official trailer of the film or watch some scenes in the video below.

Yoko Ono, John Lennon´s widow, thinks this is a film which really shows the pain that he went through in his early years. Listen to her talking about "Nowhere Boy":

But let´s not finish this post in a gloomy mood:

9 comentarios:

  1. Jessica López Santiso 1B

    Mmm yes, I testify! Sometimes relationships with mothers gets tough for we, for teenagers. It isn't always very easy to reach an understanding... Even last week I had several arguments with mine, but I think nobody could be angry -specially on a date like last Sunday- with the person who, although we find it hard, we can't deny she is the one who spends all the time taking care of us. I really hope the effect that this day has taken on us, in my place, lasts long enough and not have more fights in a while.. haha Very nice post!

  2. Thanks for your comment and for your compliment, Jessica.

  3. Sara Pardo, 1ºE05 mayo, 2011

    Actually, many times, especially teenagers, do not we realize that our mothers only want the best for us and thanks to them we are here today. Although we argue with them or don´t think the same about some things, we must understand that they see it from another point of view and it´s very difficult being a mother. I think it's silly to be influenced by consumerism and worry only about being good to your mother the day marked by society. I think they deserve at least that we show our love each day, which for them is probably the best present.

  4. Sara, your argument sounds perfect from a theoretical point of view, I mean, that´s what it should be; is this how you really feel or act? In that case, well done!

  5. Sara Pardo, 1ºE06 mayo, 2011

    Lately I've really learned to appreciate more the things I said in my previous comment and for some time I haven´t argued with my mother and I´ve improved my relationship with her. Anyway, I also bought a present for her on Sunday, yes, but I think that this fact won´t never be more important than show our love.

  6. Having a nice relationship with parents (especially when you are a teenager) really helps to see things from a more positive perspective, doesn´t it?

  7. Sara Pardo, 1ºE06 mayo, 2011

    I agree, things are easier if you feel you have the support of your parents, and this is only possible when you have a good relationship with them (in this case especially with your mother). We must try to understand each other.

  8. I watched the video of "Scene from Nowhere Boy" and I felt I had to commented. I felt identified with Lennon in this case because sometimes when I have to study I start playing the guitar because I like it and i really enjoy it and my mom told me stop playing! study! Perhaps she is right but I prefer preparing myself musically more than study stupid things like philosophy because I know that one day Platon, Aristóteles and those guys aren´t going to give me anything but music could be my way of life. Look J.Lennon or J.S. Bach... He said that if you really want to do his music you can do it, you only have to work hard.

  9. Igor, one thing at a time -though I know it is hard for you to focus on what you are not really interested in. Bachillerato is meant to approach you to different aspects of education and maybe you won´t realize how useful they are until you are older.


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