miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011


We are doing so many speaking activities these days that I feel obliged to remind you of the importance of pronunciation. You very often understand your colleages in class because you know exactly what they are going to say, but this is not the case in your oral exams or your oral presentations. You should be extra careful then because your classmates and I need to understand what you are saying; you need to get your message across and sometimes the pronunciation mistakes are so misleading or confusing that there is just no understanding and, therefore, no communication. Sometimes I have to make big efforts not to look like this while listening to you... (I´m not kidding! -or am I?)

Remember to make use of the many programmes available online to help you improve your pronunciation and intonation; you can find quite a few in my Delicious Bookmarks or, for individual words, in howjsay.

Imitating the sound of English does not work, either. Here is an example of what I mean: this woman "imitates" the English pronunciation but she thinks she is singing in English (she says so in the video). Her pronunciation is pathetic and only if you know the song (which is the case for plenty of people in the audience), you will know what she means. By the way, this woman, Bulgarian Valentina Hasan, is wrong, this is not English.

This is Mariah Carey´s version of the song - in English.

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