viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Start the Weekend with a Smile

Let me introduce Matt to you, a wanderer. You can follow his adventures on his trips around the world in his blog,"Where the hell is Matt?", a very entertaining way of practising reading and of learning about a very special lifestyle.

Wherever Matt goes, he gets a crowd to dance with him; well, in most places as you will see.

I wonder how many of you will say "I want to be like Matt when I grow older"

4 comentarios:

  1. It really put a smile on my face (and not one of those ordinary smiles but one of those that you really feel, that has a deep meaning when you´re alone and nobody tells you to do it or... whatever) It always surprise when I see a person who is out of the crowd and defends and fights for the life that she/he wants to live (not that one who is almost signed in a contract since you are born and tells you what you´re supposed to do to live the life they have planned for you) and that makes me feel a healthy envy. and yes!! I want to be like Matt when I grow older (or almost have the courage to try it)

  2. Andrea, I will miss your comments next year. I do hope you´ll find some time to have a look at the blog and drop a line from time to time when you are at university.

  3. Jessica López Santiso 1ºB

    Of course, I would also want to be like him when I grow older. I think nobody could deny it.
    Traveling around the world, to know millions of people, to have the courage to risk making a fool of himself… And all that simply in order to make smile people he doesn’t even know and finally get that nice response. Small but beautiful things, as I see it... Let’s hope all we were born with such a mind and way of seeing life.

  4. Well, Jessica, in life we learn not only from the things we do but from the things we see others do so finding a nice role model to admire makes it simpler.


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