martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Embarrassing or Embarrassed?

Let´s see if this post helps you understand the difference between adjectives ending in -ing and those ending in -ed

This is a video that shows what happened a few days ago during a banquet at Buckingham Palace when Barack Obama broke royal protocol by speaking over the national anthem. That was an embarrassing moment. I bet he later admitted he was embarrassed.

And this is a story about an embarrassing father. It will surely help you see all those embarrassing moments you´ve gone through because of your parents from a very different perspective.

Teenager Rain Price of American Fork, Utah, had to endure 170 days of bus rides to school with his dad waving to him from the front door while dressed in a different crazy costume every day: a bride, a pirate, .Princess Leia, a zombie... (click here if you are curious to see them all)
His dad  maintains that this was simply his way of letting his son know he loves him, but adds that this embarrassment will be his legacy.
“I hope this lives with him for the rest of his life,” his father says. "He can use it against his kids and tell them, ‘If you think you are embarrassed by me, you should have seen your grandfather.´"

Would you have been embarrassed by a father like this?
What makes you feel embarrassed? Would you like to share it with us - or is it too personal?

3 comentarios:

  1. On the one hand, I would be embarrassed of that the father of a friend was like that of the video, and... If I had a father like that, probably my father would be in a mental hospital because I would have denounced him.
    But the Americans are very rare and they do abnormal things for us.

    On the other hand, Obama should know that when a hymn sounds, the people must be quiet. But surely, that the hymn sounded it was not organized.

  2. I would not want that my father was like him, I would be embarrassed that my friends see my dad in disguise.

    And Obama… without comments. However, it is not important failure, in England they are very strict. For example when it was the wedding of the Prince, they sent a letter to the standards, and for example not, you could look at or talk with the Queen.

    Ernesto Jarabo.

  3. Ernesto, it is good to have others to compare with -in order to appreciate the people close to us.


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