lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Getting Ready for the Sunny Summer

We have all heard about the benefits and dangers of the sun and we all know we shouldn´t sunbathe without adequate protection so this video, which my friend Bill thought all my students should see, is just a reminder

This film was made possible thanks to the generosity of real Canadians and Americans whose lives have been touched by melanoma. These are not actors or actresses.

The video below has its subtitles in Spanish but, once you´ve watched it, you should watch the video with no subtitles for some listening comprehension practice : click here.

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  2. Sin ser un comentario adecuado ao post, tan adecuado para este tempo que iniciamos, quero simbolicamente agradecer o inmenso traballo que hai por detrás destas páxinas con un presente que encontrarás no blogue da biblioteca.
    Un abrazo grande


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