viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

A Thought for the Weekend

Give a thought to the title of this video in reference to the modern world, "Everything´s amazing but nobody´s happy".

Stand- up comedian Louis C.K. is interviewed on a TV show and talks about the way things have changed in very few years and how we all take any new improvement for granted so when anything fails we feel miserable. He calls all those people who take technology for granted "spoiled idiots" (spoiled children are those who are allowed to have or do everything they want, so that they learn to think only of themselves )

He mentions the telephone, for instance, and remembers the old days when you had to stand up to dial the numbers. He goes on talking about how easy it is to get money nowadays, either at the bank or using  credit cards, he mentions the "miracle" of  flying (which he describes as sitting in a chair in the sky) and of getting high-speed internet in an airplane...

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