domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011


This is Halloween, from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

If you want to learn the lyrics or just sing along, watch the following video:

How do you feel about Halloween? Do you associate it with horror films? If it is so, click here and you´ll see the trailers of thirteen horror movies, with an explanation of the true story behind them.

Most people associate it to parties, costumes and decorations and, as for the latter, it is difficult to beat the following example in the video - I bet you know the song by now:

Click here to watch a video about pumpkins: everything you ever wanted to know about pumpkins but were afraid to ask. There you´ll find lots of other videos about Halloween.

Humour is a part of the Halloween celebration, check this prank by a teacher to wish his students a Happy Halloween!:

2 comentarios:

  1. Diego Lozano López03 noviembre, 2011

    Hi Rosa!
    In first place I would like to talk about the importance of armony in classrooms. It´s great to see how a teacher can create interest in students with a little joke. I think that this joke is very original and the teacher probably is very hard-working because I guess that this prank is very difficult for execute. In my opinion is a very interesting video and,of course, it´s really funny.

  2. Diego, it is also nice to see students appreciate the work the teachers do. I agree this prank must have taken a long time to prepare but I bet he feels really happy with the result.


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