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Homonym: Blackberry

"Blackberry" is a good example of a homonym (= One of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning). Check its two meanings here and here. I presume you have heard there have been quite a few problems with the latter lately; in fact, Blackberries all over the world seem to be out of order so this video, My Blackberry is Not Working!,  is quite appropriate for this particular moment in time.

Since we have been talking about wordplay in our classes, how much computer-related vocabulary can you understand? Listen out for the following words and expressions: blackberry, apple (no worms or bugs) , dongle (a dongle is similar to a flash drive, but it's used as an activation key for certain games, no dongle = no playing.), eggs box (= homophone for "X BOX  360", ps3), orange (Orange is a cellular mobile carrier in Europe); Try launching it from the desktop;  mess up Windows...
Mind you, the characters´British accent is not too easy to follow but you should give it a try. 

This is the script (taken from Live scripts):

Customer - I bought sth from you last week and I am very disappointed.
Shopkeeper - oh yeah, what's the problem?
my blackberry is not working.
What may be? It ran out of juice?
No, no it's completely frozen!
O yeah, i can see that, i'll tell you what, let's put it on Orange.
That's got a few black spots, you see?
Oh dear, yeah, sorry Benet.
So what will you do to get my blackberry working?
it could be an application issue, the way you install that blackberry.
it was on my desk top.
You could try using a mouse to drive the blackway to the trash, and after you've done that, you might wanna launch the blackway from the desktop.
Well, I really tried that a few times, I mean, and all I did was a mess up Windows.
Well, it might be worth waiting a couple of weeks, they've got the lightiest blackways coming in then.
Could you give me a date?
Let me put that date in my diary.
Anything else i can help you with?
Yes, I also have a problem, to be honest, with my Apple.
Oh Dear, that's an old apple, isn't it? When did you buy that?
Last week.
Last week? I've got two new apples since then. What's the problem with it?
Well, I tried to put my Dongle in it and it won't fit,
Oh yeah. How big's your Dongle?
Well, I don't know much about these things, but my wife's seen a few dongles in Giants and she says a little bit on the small side.
Well there's not a lot I can do about it.
Tell you what, let me try booting it. nize crashed. Anything else I can help you out with?
Well, finally, yeah, my grandson's birthday's soon, you see? he's already got an Apple and a Blackberry. I mean, have you got anything else he might just like?
Well, I do have a special offer on these, i'm an archaid fan myself but the kids seem ta like it. an eggs box (XBOX), three sixty.

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