miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

An Inspiring Story

This is a true story. It was made thanks to a bank ( it´s nice to eventually find something to be grateful for coming from a bank...); it is part of a campaign called "Make The Difference,"meant to inspire people to think differently. 

Make sure you understand the following words before watching the video: 
  • flyer (= an advertisement usually printed on a page or in a leaflet intended for wide distribution) 
  • gear (= equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport)
  • bare feet (= not wearing shoes).
By the way, how´s your Thai? If it is a little rusty (=out of practice), don´t worry, the audio is in Thai but the subtitles are in English.

I´d love to read your comments about this story. Do you agree with me about it being "inspiring"? What did you learn from it?

7 comentarios:

  1. Óscar Pallín Arias20 octubre, 2011

    I think that it is an incredible video. It is an example of overcoming, the guys didn't give up although they were losing the score and the people of the village was proud of their young men. It is a great story.

  2. Alba Vázquez López20 octubre, 2011

    Hi Rosa!
    Defenitely, it's amazing how things can change only with inspiration and a positive way of seeing the life! I'm really impressed of how that guys built the football pitch only with the things that they had and afterwards, they became the second in a competition! But I was surprised too because the neightbor gave them new clothes to play football and I think that was really kind from him.
    It's true that if you want to reach something, you must work hard to have it but at the end, all that efort won't be waste, I think.
    And of course, I like that video ! :)

    Comment made by: Alba Vázquez López 1ºE BAC (Sweden student)

  3. Alba, it is nice to know you enjoyed the video and saw different but interesting aspects in it. Maybe your "Swedish adventure" will also be inspiring for other students...

  4. Diego Lozano López23 octubre, 2011

    Hi Rosa!
    The video had surprised me really much. I think that´s incredible how these guys had created a team only with their imagine. One of the things that I have to bring out is how they´d made a football pitch with only some old wood that they´d found around the village. In my opinion, this video show us how you can´t abandon a proyect. If you want you can do everything in your life.
    Diego Lozano López 1ºF BAC

  5. Don´t forget the lesson you have just learned, Diego! It´s a good lesson for life.

  6. Vania Rodríguez García23 octubre, 2011

    Hi, Rosa!
    I like very much this video, and I look like very interesting and amazing the way to fight for to get that they want. They like football and they worked very hard to realise their dream and it's incredible. I like the most that the facts are reals, show the fortitude of this guys.
    Vania Rodríguez García 1ºF BAC


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