viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Intonation Practice

Would you like to speak English like a native American speaker? You should then work hard on both your pronunciation and intonation. Let´s see if this exercise helps.

This is an imitation exercise for American English accent training. The goal here is to mimic sounds, to imitate pronunciation, so don't worry if you don't understand every word you say - there is no transcript attached for this very reason. This exercise focuses simply on imitating so all you have to do is repeat back exactly what you hear.

I bet you found that exercise not really entertaining, on the contrary, kind of boring. 

Let´s try this one, a mobile phone commercial with some grandparents acting hip and kicking it.This is the transcript:  (Remember this is a pronunciation / intonation exercise!)

So I was, like, at home having a really lame time so I used my Boost mobile phone to two-way my friend
And she´s like, “Want to go to a banging party, Jo?”
And I´m like “Yeah”
And she´s like, “Shall we two-way Aleisha?”
And I´m like “Hells, yeah”
And now we´re all at this banging party and getting ten kinds of nasty !

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