viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

My Students´ (Great) Stories for the Writer Challenge

Let´s cherish the pre-Halloween spirit.

I am delighted to publish here the imaginative stories that some of my students have sent to 50-Word Fright, Daily Lit. 

  • I still could’t sleep. Everything reminded me of that night, which I almost died. I remember going to bed when I saw her. She was there holding a gun pointed at me. She shot me. She was the woman who believed she was the wife of my boyfriend. She was crazy. (Beatriz, 2º E)
  • A bird is in my window, is a black bird. It is looking at me,. Are you hungry? wait, i don't see you very well, ¿Did you have a ball in your mouth? wait, there is blood in your beak...... Don't go!, i can't see you, where.... are my eyes... (Christian, 2º E)
  • He was surfing the internet. But someday He found a photo of a man with a weird disease called elephantiasis. He stared at the screen for a while. The man was a monster, totally deformed. Now he's going mad. He imagines the monster on his dreams and he sees everybody like if they had elephantiasis. Don't surf the internet. (Elvia, 2ºD)
  • Hall light has turned on and nobody was there. There are a lot of electrical failures . Tomorrow I’m going to call a technician to inspect the installation. When I come back to reality, memories come to me: the strange presence that lives in this house are still here.I’m afraid. (Cristina, 1ºE)
  • I created a monster, because nobody wants to see me nomore, they want someone more perfect, less human. So I gave them what they asked me. I lost my mind and at first moment everybody love my new ego but now they are all dead. They made a wrong choice. (Igor,2ºD)
  • She didn't know when her brain started to think by itself but that morning she felt a strange presence. She looked at the mirror and tried to touch her nose, but she couldn't move her hand. Instead, she heard a terrible laugh coming from her own mouth. She was mad. (Antía, 1ºF)
  • He always quipped about what he dreamed. A mirror, a blurred image of a person who seemed not to have eyes(...) It reminded him of someone. Morning of November 1st, after washing his face, he looked up at himself in the mirror. Suddenly, everything became black.He didn´t see anything.Don´t play with your dreams. (Sara, 2º D)
  • The person who I love is in front of me. My feelings right now are terrible. I want to kill my boyfriend, I have to do it. I just need to grab the knife and stab him. Wrath invades me and I close my eyes. He's dead (Vania (1º F)
  • She was very young and she was alone at home , because her parents had gone to a funeral. At night she saw her terrible neighbour by the window with a knife. She ran to the basement but he was there, next to her.Luckily the alarm clock went off ¡ What a terrible nightmare ¡ (Cristina 1º C)
  • When I was little muy mum asked me to go to the basement of my house.
    Suddenly, I saw a ghost and I started shouting and raw away. The next day, my brother went down there and I never saw him again. (Carlota, 2ºD)
  •  I was in my bedroom, sitting in my chair, reading a book. I was alone because my parents were working. Suddenly, I felt cold. A cold that was coming from somewhere . I thought that it was the wind. I stood up. I looked all the windows. They were closed.(Catalina 1º E) 

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