lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Vocabulary: What´s an Eponym?

What´s in a name?

Last week we came across the word "zeppelin," that´s an eponym (Eponymthe person for whom something is named) . These are some of the eponyms you probably know: Lamborghini, Watt, Newton, Volta, Celsius, Léotard, Sandwich, Silhouette, Guillotin.

And these are some you may not know: Burnside, Cardigan

Watch this video and put a face to those nouns:

Now you can do a Listening Exercise: click here and you can read the transcript of the video;  you´ll get the audio as well so you can do a listening and a reading exercise at the same time. And this could be a good chance to learn the pronunciation of those words in English, why don´t  you  read along for some practice?.

Click here for a photo essay of some people who became nouns.

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