viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Day Against Violence Against Women

One more celebration of the Day Against Violence Against Women today, November 25th.

We have been talking about some of the points mentioned here, on the left, but we didn´t have time to go as deep as I would have liked into the subject of violence against other human beings, specially women and children -unfortunately, children often suffer types of abuse and violence just like adult women.

When most people think about this madness, they have physical violence in mind, probably because it is the "obvious one": judge by yourselves: an image is worth a thousand words

Undoubtedly, other types of violence are much more subtle. For example, not allowing women to drive, i. e., making it illegal, as it happens in Saudi Arabia. We may make jokes about it but it is difficult to understand and explain that in some parts of the world women cannot drive a car while here, in our country, it´s mostly women who drive their children around all day and every day (to school, to their extra-curricular activities...)

And we don´t see any bruises or injuries in the photograph below but... any comments? I´d love to hear your impressions and feelings as you look at this photograph. 

Have a nice weekend! (And I am sure we will all have, especially if we consider what our lives could have been like in these types of situations)

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  1. Lucía Álvarez López26 noviembre, 2011

    I think that the issue of violence against women is one of the main problems of our society, we have made ​​progress on women in the workplace, women are valued more and nowadays women can achieve positions that previously only were allowed for men.
    But it's increbible that many men still consider women inferior, and think they have rights over them, and there problem about violence against woman begins.
    In my opinion, to end the abuse, the society should be more conscientized through media and also from the school, giving importance to this issue since the earliest years of teaching.

  2. Lucía, I agree this is one of the main problems nowadays, but if we are all aware of its consequences, it will be easier to put an end to it.


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