domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

Let´s Face the Week with a Smile

I do not really know when or how these siblings became popular  but they sang "Super Bass", Nicki Minaj´s song, in the Ellen DeGeneres Show and that performance became viral in the internet. I am not really in favor of children singing adults´songs in shows for adults but I really enjoyed this video where Ellen DeGeneres interviews Sophia Grace Brownlee and her sister, Rosie.  Sophia is 8 and Rosie is 5.  In fact, it´s Sophia who does all the talking and she describes her sister as the "hype girl" who gives her confidence.

Sophia and Rosie are British and Ellen is American so their accents are quite different. Some time during the interview Ellen asks them to imitate the American accent, can you notice the difference? 

I don´t think the conversation will be easy to follow so, just in case, here´s a list of the topics they talk about:

  • Sophie´s tooth fell out onto her pillow and the Tooth Fairy left her two pounds - which she spent on two little pony toys
  • After singing with Nicki Minaj in the show they went out to celebrate: their dad drank champagne and they went in a limousine
  • They talk about the amount of people who saw the video in the internet, 23 million people. Try to understand Sophie´s answer when Ellen asks them if they know how many people that is
  • They realized how popular they were when they went to London and people wanted to get a picture with them
  • They talk about their costumes for Halloween
  • Next they talk about Ellen´s present: a set of Nicki Minaj´s wigs for both of them 
  • Finally, they talk about their new outfits and their favorite colours for them -including the multicolored one.

I hope Sophie´s energy will be contagious and we will all start the week with the same enthusiasm.

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  1. Without doubt,I think that an enthusiastic attitude is more than a way of being; a mood that includes the proverb "Nothing is impossible to a willing mind"

  2. And a very positive attitude as well, isn´t it?

  3. Antía Tacón, 1º F16 noviembre, 2011

    Hi Rosa! I have just watched this video and I found it very funny, although I don't usually like this type of shows very much. My favourite moment is when the interviewer asks Sophia if she knows how many 23 million people are and the girl shouts 'More than a thousand!’ Without any doubt, Sophia is very outgoing, and her excitement is really amusing.

  4. Antía, the conversation is not easy to follow since the girl speaks really fast so you should be very proud of yourself for understanding it. Well done!


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