jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


Today is the fourth Thursday in November, which means there is a big celebration in the US: Thanksgiving. How much do you know about it? Do this Thanksgiving Quiz and find out.

This celebration is the most important family gathering in the US - as important as Christmas for us, probably- and Thanksgiving lunch traditionally includes turkey and pumpkin pie. Vegetarians and vegans do not agree with the first, though, but a situation like the one in this video must be unthinkable for many families in the country

This is what I understand when they girl says grace:

Dear God, thank you for the turkey we are about to eat and for the turkey farms where they pack them into dark, tiny little sheds for their whole lives. Thank you for when they burn their feathers off while they are still alive and for when turkey gets kicked around like a football and killed like people would think it´s fun to stump on their little turkey heads, and special thanks for all the chemicals and dirt and poop that´s in the turkey we are about to eat.
Oh, and thank you for rainbows.

The presidential turkey pardon is a Whitehouse tradition: the president pardons a turkey which, instead of being served at a Thanksgiving dinner, is sent to Disneyland for good

Pumpkin Pie is a different issue, I guess everybody agrees with it for dessert. Would you like to learn how to make one while you practise your listening and reading skills in English? Watch this video:

If you want to learn more about its origins and that time in history, watch the following PBS Documentary,
"We Shall Remain." This is Episode 1 called  "After the Mayflower"- click to get the Transcript, a good chance to learn some history while you practise English.

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