sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

"Thank a Teacher" Campaign

The principal of our school, Ramiro, has just sent the teachers this video to raise our spirits and encourage us to keep up the good work. Nice thought and nice video. Thanks, Ramiro!

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  1. This video had surprised me very much. When i was seeing it,i realised that in schools the teachers help us a lot, but not only in the academy part because they help us to be better persons and to develop our skills. I like really much the phrase i am who i am because i have a good teacher, because it show us that more than one time we don´t give thanks to our teachers for helps us.
    Diego Lozano López. 1F BAC

  2. I had good teachers in my life, but if I have to remark only one of them I say: Doña Sofía. Mi first teacher.
    Thank you very much.


  3. Diego, it is never too late to say thanks! Anyway, I like the fact that you eventually noticed the relevance of teachers in students´lives.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Erelea, I have just read the entry about Doña Sofía in your blog, really moving. I guess teachers look forward to being remembered with those warm feelings. Thanks for the link!


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