miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

"Speak", the novel.

Dear 2nd BAC students,

You have worked really hard this term as for extensive reading (well, most of you have; I know there are a free -very few- black sheep who didn´t actually get to read the novel). Congratulations!!

It is not easy to choose a novel for young adults -especially for mandatory reading-  but I was really glad to read the reviews you wrote about Laurie Halse Anderson´s novel, Speak. I think you must be very proud of yourselves; it´s been hard work, you have made a great effort,  but most of you agree it has been worth it.

Browsing the internet, I found a couple of documents related to the book that I want to share with you: one of them is about Melinda´s assignment for Art class, the tree; the other one focuses on vocabulary.

In his oral exam about the novel, Carlos mentioned he had seen the film and he had liked it very much so, as a reward  for  a job well done, here is the video of the film -of course, in original version. Enjoy it! It´s a nice way of doing some work for the English subject at Christmas

If you want to watch the film subtitled in Spanish, click here.

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