lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Geography in the English Class

Let´s see if we make things clear about the difference between English and British, GB and UK... i.e., those places we talked about in class today.

The narrator in this video speaks much faster than I do -and faster than most people I know, for that matter- but, since the audio and the subtitles in English are included, you can pause the video and make sure you fully understand what he is explaining.

This diagram may help make things easier to understand for those of you with visual intelligence.

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  1. María Maseda Varela21 enero, 2012

    This video is really interesting and useful. Truly the narrator speaks very fast, but I think that in general I understand the video. Thanks to your explanaition in class and the video I Know which is the difference among Great Britain and the United Kingdom, what countries belong to each other and how to call each inhabitant of the British Islands.

  2. Interesting, but really too fast!!!!

  3. I agree. I have seen a few videos made by Grey and in all of them he speaks this fast. Imagine asking him anything in real life!

    1. María Maseda Varela29 enero, 2012

      In this video the narrator speaks very quick so it was a bit difficult for me to understand all, but at the end I think that I understand it in general. Thanks to the video and your explanation in class I know the difference among the Uk , England, Great Britain... also I know how to call the habitants of each country.

    2. Better late than never, María!


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