domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Mondays: Back to School

Going back to the routine of classes and work is not easy and starting on a Monday makes things look harder. Since we will all feel the same, let´s try and show some enthusiasm tomorrow.

Browsing over the internet, I have noticed this feeling of melancholy and tiredness on Mondays is quite  common. 

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  1. Alba Vázquez López09 enero, 2012

    Hi Rosa!

    In my opinion, Mondays are the worst day in the week, because it means starting again with work and the studies. But Garfield has reason: Mondays only happen once a week!
    The bad thing is that in our high school we have lessons during the afternoon so it makes the day longer. However, thanks to the president, we're going to have our national days on Monday! That means... that we'll hate Tuesdays.

    Alba Vázquez López

  2. You are right, Alba, the worst day for us at our school is Monday so we will celebrate and enjoy those holidays even more...


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