miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

More Geography: Continents

Before any further reading, answer these two questions: How many continents are there? and What are their names? This came out in class not long ago and I was surprised at the variety of answers, especially coming from 1st BAC students...

The truth is the answer is not clear; in fact, the number of continents varies from four to seven- I guess it depends on the teacher you had or the Geography book you read - check here.

The first video includes closed captions (= CC); you can activate them by clicking on the red box. Do you know the difference between "caption" and "subtitle"? The former is in the same language, the latter is in a different one. In the case of this video, both of them are available: captions for English and subtitles for Spanish.

So my students´ and Justin Bieber´s geographical knowledge is  just as good (or bad?)

4 comentarios:

  1. Some knowledge changes depending on the theory that we teach.However, I think that there are basic things in our lifes that we must know for general culture and sometimes we don't show interest in this when it really affects our future!

  2. I think that he should know the continents but that's truth that simply things or knowledges that we think that are obviusly always put in difficult situations like this.
    Nowadays,playstation or internet are more important than go out with friends or other actions and this forbid us to learn things that we think that we know.

  3. Carlos, it´s true that we tend to forget obvious and basic things when we are nervous; as for the amount of time we spend doing different things, learning and studying should be priority number one when you are underage -but I think there´s more than one way to do it.


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