domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Non-Violence Day , January 30

Schools in Spain celebrate the Non-Violence Day on January 30th. I want to share this video with you as a reminder. I hope it will encourage you to leave your homes in the right spirit for a peaceful day tomorrow.

This video is part of a project called "Life Vest Inside" (=LVI). This is the theory behind the project: Kindness is a universal language that has tremendous uplifting power. Life Vest Inside is based on the philosophy that increasing kindness in society will lead to more connectedness and a better, happier world. In the stormy seas of life, we all could use a little support, perhaps a "life vest," to keep us afloat. That life vest is kindness.

I love the idea of a boomerang of kindness passed from one person to the next until it eventually goes back to the person who started the chain. 

Thanks to my colleague Ana for the link!

And now, do some thinking. Can you explain the story behind the photo below? I don´t know it. I found it surfing the internet and decided to keep it but I´d love to read what you make of it; don´t forget to include the answers to who?, when? where? what? why? 

I am looking forward to reading your explanations!

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  1. Carlota López Rodríguez 2ºD01 febrero, 2012

    This photo could have been taken in one of many countries that are currently at war, like Afghanistan.

    We can see some soldiers in the background. They are wearing uniforms and helmets but they don’t seem to have weapons.

    Opposite them, we can see a baby. He or she is wearing a white pullover and nappies but no shoes.

    I think that this photo tries to show us a tender scene where there is a contrast between violence and innocence. Probably, the soldiers are thinking about the child inside them and the baby is seeing them without understanding the meaning of violence.

  2. This video is very beautiful with a music I liked a lot. The idea of this video is perfect and the most importan, this can be real. There are lots of people who do this little things only for help another person. This video shows that the world will be better if everybody was kind. But I think there are a lot of people who are unable to do this, because some times in our lifes we see some thing that I am ashamed as a person of this world.
    Apart of the idea, I find interesting the bags of America (at least, this bags appear in this video). They are very strange and always, in films specially, create a scene of love of something like that.

    1. Iago, I don´t agree with your comment about people being unable to be kind; some people just don not know how to but they will learn if they see others -and that´s where we have to act: we should set examples for them to follow. If we are nice to others, they are likely to follow suit.
      Funny thing about the bags, I had not noticed them.

  3. Hi Rosa, i like very much the video about the project called "life Vest Inside" because it´s against the violence and we can learn one important thing: good acts lead us to do good acts. Moreover, we see that with good acts we will live in a better world. In this video the creators imagine a perfect world with only good acts. I like the idea of a boomerang of kindness because it´s a good example of how we have to act correctly in our lives. Only in this way we will build the peace and smiles chain that we see in this emotive video.
    Diego Lozano López 1º F

    1. Diego, the world we are shown in the video is not at all perfect - the beggars would agree with me, I think. Anyway, we must try and change little things near us and the kindness boomerang is a good way to start.

  4. Andrea López Osorio 2ºE11 febrero, 2012

    In this photo I can see a group of policemen and a baby opposite them. Maybe it was taken in one of the different wars that are taken place in the world nowadays.
    You can see two opposite sides of the world.
    On the one hand, the innocence of a defencelees child who doesn´t know the dangers that will face when he grows up, not only personal problems, but also the problems created by society.
    On the other hand, the ugly truth. The police represent work, in this case, the safety of the child and society in general.
    I think that this is an unusual picture because it makes us think about the we have in the world

    1. Andrea, is this your writing and are these your ideas in this comment?

  5. Diego Lozano López 1ºF14 febrero, 2012

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