jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

Twelfth Night

To those of you who still believe in The Three Wise Men and, thus, are looking forward to the presents you´ll get tonight, i.e., on Twelfth Night... 

I hope you´ll be sensitive enough to appreciate every single gift you get, even if it is not the latest pricey electronic device... Try to stay focused and remember you should be  thankful for things like your  family, friends, food, and mostly for living far away from the terrible working conditions of the factories where such items are made.

When you think about it, you don´t really need that much to feel happy. There are some examples in this post. The first one is a video uploaded by Darren Hayes last December, "a very personal story from me to you about what Christmas means to me," the story of a truly memorable Christmas from his childhood. Darren is a member of the musical duo Savage Garden. The song is the instrumental version of “Bloodstained Heart” from his album "Secret Codes and Battleships."

The following video is another real story; are you ready to shed a tear? Click here to read the script of the video. This is my suggestion:

  1. first, watch the video and see how much you understand, 
  2. then you play the video again to get the audio while you read the script
  3. finally, watch the video again and check how much your listening comprehension of the video has improved.

Despite all I have written, I am not that naïve, I know this happens, too:

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