viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Reading (a Picture Book) and Describing (Its Pictures)

Where Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, is a classic children´s book.

The protagonist of the story is Max, a little boy who is punished for acting like a wild child - in fact, for talking back to his mother! (I wonder if parents still punish their children for things like these... I´m afraid this is not that frequent... ) The thing is, Max is sent to his room without supper, and there he uses his imagination to travel to the land of the wild things -monsters-  where he is their king. In the end, Max is forgiven and he gets his hot supper.

Whether you like the story or not, I would like you to pay attention to the audio in the following video (the quality of the photos is not very good, I know). The actor Christopher Walken reads the book and interprets the pictures, and that´s the part that I like and I would like you to focus on: he describes the images and imagines things. Since we are working on the language and the way to describe photos in 1st BAC, this is a good chance to hear someone describe a whole picture book. I hope you´ll enjoy it.

If you want to make sure you have really understood the story, click here for the Spanish version.

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