martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Dickens´ Bicentenary

Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 so his 200th birthday is celebrated today.Throughout 2012 lots of events will take place to commemorate this anniversary - click here for details

This video will help you learn a little bit about his life:

If you are a fan of Dickens´ writing, click here to read his books online or to download them for free and here to get free audiobooks. For different resources about Dickens, click here.

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  1. Sara Pardo, 2ºD08 febrero, 2012

    I think that Charles Dickens is an example of overcoming, especially for all the difficulties he had before beginning his career as a writer. He shows that you can´t start with the top of the success, but you can always reach it.
    I believe that everyone knows, at least, his story called: "A Christmas Carol" , which also has been the inspiration for many films on the theme of Christmas during the last years.

  2. It's an interesting entry!
    I have looked for some phrases of this novelist Englishman and one that has motivated me has been:"A man never knows what he is capable until he tries".
    Many times,we have a potential that we don't know that it exists until we defy ourselves and we realize what we can do.This must motivate us to continue making our best efforts!

    1. Kathy, trying to find motivation to keep us going is a good attitude for life. Good for you!

  3. Sara Pardo, 2ºD11 febrero, 2012

    I only have read one book of him : Oliver Twist. I read it two years back and I liked it very much. When I don´t have many exams, maybe I'll read more books by this author, but first, I really want to read others like "Crónica de una muerte anunciada" by Gabriel García Márquez.

  4. I am not a fan of Dickens´myself but remember there are quite a few pages in the internet where you can read his books


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