domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Shakira´s Speech at Oxford

Dear 2nd BAC students,

The dates of your graduation speeches are getting closer, I guess you have been working hard on the content of your speech so you should start giving some thoughts to the the real act of delivering it. Picture yourself in the school´s auditorium: think about the clothes you´ll wear, how you´ll stand, what you´ll do with your hands...

Here is another good example of a speech delivery: Shakira´s Speech at Oxford Union a couple of years ago. The Oxford Union is famous worldwide for its debates about education and society and Shakira spoke about the work of her charity, Barefoot Foundation,  and about the democratization of education. 

In the video you´ll get her words in excellent English and the subtitles in Spanish but you may want to read the speech in English; click here, in that case. 

Shakira´s speech is a really good example for you to pay attention to the important aspects of delivering a speech. Watch out for the following: 
  • speaking clearly
  • speaking loudly enough
  • making eye contact
  • standing behind the podium
  • presence: clothes, standing up straight, smiling, hiding your nervousness (for instance, if your hands shake, hold the podium)
  • the importance of gestures

For more details about speech delivery, click here

2 comentarios:

  1. Javier Espeso Cobas02 abril, 2012

    Thank you very much, it helped me to think about my valerictorian speech. Moreover that video had do that I think about my education, it´s a privilege that everybody should appreciate.

  2. Javier, your right about the importance of education. As for the valedictorian speech, I also think this speech is a great help


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