viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Start the Weekend with a Smile- and a Tear, Maybe

Operation Smile is a worldwide children´s charity organization whose mission is to bring free reconstructive surgery to children born with cleft lips or palates.

Watch the video and wait for the moment when the girl sees herself for the first time. It’s not immediately obvious, but you know exactly when it happens. It’s priceless.

Once you have seen the video, read the text below: it was written by one of the volunteers. The feelings   that those words describe are priceless too.

An amazing little girl who had her cleft lip surgery. People ask me why I volunteer overseas so much... It takes my eyes off me and allows me to remember what life is all about. When we use what we have been given (whatever that might be) to make a positive change for our world, that´s when life makes sense.... In a time when the world seems to be imploding with greed, there are certain things that will always remain the smile on this girl´s face when she realises her life will be changed forever.

Her life has impacted mine as I have hers...but that´s what it is all about...both being happier because the miracle of life allowed us to cross one another's paths and leave each other in a better place because we met. 

Her lip is still swollen and painful as she is only 24 hours post surgery but the joy in her eyes is unmistakable and makes my heart laugh without measure. I hope it brings the same to you.

Note for music lovers:

Soundtrack: KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See. Click here to get the lyrics and sing along (for oral practice....)

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