viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

The Weather Forecast

Here we are waiting for / expecting / looking forward to the Siberian cold. We were put on alert a couple of days ago and, since then, we have been talking about nothing but the weather. I think our government should consider hiring this Swiss "weather prophet" man, Martin Horat, a man who predicts the weather just by observing nature. Next year, maybe...

Worried because you didn´t understand a word he said? He was speaking in German with a really strong Swiss accent, maybe that´s why. 

In the meantime, we´ll keep looking at the sky, imagining scenes like the ones in the next video -filmed in Wellington, New Zealand last August (remember winter down there lasts from June to August -for more information about the weather and the climate in New Zealand, click here)

Have a nice and cold weekend!

2 comentarios:

  1. It would be a great idea to have the support of people like Martin Horat because nowadays, we depend more and more of weather.It affects the world of commerce,tourism and welfare of the population.I think that predictions as early as he does,could help governments and society to avoid some tragedy that happen due to a lack of preparation(despite having a modern weather techniques).

  2. Yes, Kathy, it is difficult to choose between traditional and modern methods in some aspects of life and the weather is certainly one of those because some uneducated people can do really good predictions based only on their experience or observations.


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