jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

IWD: 8th March

8th March, International Women´s Day (= IWD) is celebrated all over the world. Do we still need to have a date to remind people of women´s rights? Apparently, we do. Humour is a good way to judge how society treats its members, because behind each joke there´s some truth - and sometimes that truth is really painful. 

For instance, take this image of a female brain, what does it tell us about women? The "brain" behind this image has probably read this book, Everything Men Know About Women:

And what about the label below? Why do we still associate women and laundry

Unfortunately, we still bring up children using those stereotypes about women which don´t help much in the fight for equal rights for men and women. Look at the poster of The Smurfs: how do they define each of the male characters? how do they define the only female one? And then, when children turn into teenagers, what do we tell them about women? 

But there is still hope: if all 5-year-old girls thought like this one, the world would certainly be different: "I don´t want to marry anyone, if I don´t have a job first." This should be lesson number one in a girl´s life.

The notice below made me smile, though... I wonder why.

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