martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Jamaican English

Dear 1st BAC students, 

Yesterday, when Samantha came to our classes, she told us about her Jamaican origins - her mother is from Jamaica and Samantha was born and raised in a Brooklyn neighborhood surrounded by Caribbean people "from the islands." She mentioned not many people could understand "Jamaican patois," so let´s see why.

First of all, watch this video as an introduction to Jamaican Patois.

Would you like to learn more about it? Click here

Secondly, watch this video of a girl having a chat with her Jamaican father. She recorded the video for two reasons: first, because her father is a white Jamaican - and most people think of Jamaicans as black- and second, because she finds his accent funny (meaning peculiar). In this video you´ll get captions with the father´s words translated into English

And finally, here´s a video of a Jamaican girl giving directions to go to her house - no need of "google maps". Enjoy her accent and her explanations, like "around someone's yard" and "past the mango tree".

Samantha, thanks for your visit!

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