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A Joke about the EU

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Dear students, since many of you are Catholic, and it is Easter time, let´s practise some Bible-related vocabulary with a joke, a joke about the EU (= European Union). The speaker´s accent is "very British" and I do not know whether it will be easy for you or not so this is what I suggest: watch it with subtitles first (the subtitles are in English), and then watch the second video, without them, to see how much you are able to understand.

I guess everybody knows the story of Noah and the Ark; if you don´t, I´m afraid you won´t understand the joke, but don´t blame it on the language...

Here is some vocabulary you may need to understand it:

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  1. Guillermo Espeso Cobas13 abril, 2012

    I liked, this joke explains the differences between England and the European Union. This joke even ridicules the rules for the use of wood. This fact caused me special grace, as is usually used in the kitchen. Moreover the joke says that the EU is to blame for the flood, this can relate to the problems of modern society,everything that happens in an area of the world has impact in other part of the world.

  2. Guillermo, I don´t really get your message in the first part of your comment but I agree with your last statement


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