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"Remember Atita"

Dear 1ª BAC students, 

This post is related to one of the stories you have to read this term, Remember Atita, by Jackee  Budesta Batanda, a member of Uganda Women Writers Association (FEMRITE). To make the most of everything mentioned in this entry, you should read the story first, then read the entry and, finally, reread the story.

Do you remember the nursery rhyme mentioned at the beginning of the story, Ten Green Bottles? Click here to listen to it -read my words there and tell me if you agree with my explanation of the use of this song in this story.

If you want to get acquainted with Africa as a continent, to understand the story better, click here  (listening & reading)

I got the idea for this post when I saw the next video in the internet, it´s called "Invisible Children," and it went viral a couple of weeks ago. It mentions the most important subjects that come out in Remember Atita: LRA (=Lord´s Resistance Army) and  abducted children.

Watch the video and then go on reading the post:


It is not difficult to imagine how you felt after you watched the video because I know how I felt, but there has been a very strong reaction to this video all over the world and I would like you to see the story from several points of view so as to form your own opinion. That´s why I have decided to include links to different topics related to this: a profile of the LRA leader, Joseph Kony; an interesting slide show about the LRA in Uganda ; the position of the government in Uganda - including the reaction of the office of the president of Uganda -  after the video was released; criticism towards the Invisible Children campaign; the reaction of five African women -which includes the following video which they would like to go viral as well:

Some victims have also reacted to the video, click here to read about that.

And, finally, click here to read Jackie Budesta Batanda´s opinion.

Now, what do you think? 

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  1. Diego Lozano López02 mayo, 2012

    Hi Rosa, when i saw the first video i became very impress because i didn´t know who is Joseph kony and the damage that he is doing in Uganda. He abduces a lot of childs and then he uses them like soldiers for him. In my opinion, the things that he does to childs are terrible because they are very vulnerable and they are forced to leave their childhood in order to go to war forcefully. I think that we have to support the people that are helping in order to stop koni´s damage.
    Diego Lozano López 1ºF


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