viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Start the Weekend with a Smile

Why do we find it so funny when we hear native speakers of English speaking Spanish? Is it because of their accent, the intonation of the English language adapted to Spanish, the pronunciation of Spanish words with English sounds? Is it a little bit of everything? They may be using perfect grammar and vocabulary but as soon as they pronounce /t/ /d/ /v/ sounds, we start giggling and, most of the times, we end up laughing shamelessly... And yet, we, Spanish people, are well-known for being really shy in situations when we need to speak a foreign language; in fact, Spanish teachers of English have real problems to make some EFL students (=English as a Foreign Language) do any talking in our classes. Ironical, isn´t it?

That is why I know you will enjoying the following video. Actor Will Ferrell was a guest on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live last week; he had been invited to talk about his upcoming movie Casa de mi Padre  and they did the whole interview in Spanish.

Would you like to listen and read the rest of the interview? Here it is: Part 2 and  Part 3 

Now, let me tell you, if you want to have fun but, at the same time, hear yourselves "sound" like native English speakers, all you have to do is speak Spanish with English intonation and pronunciation. Believe me, if you are able to do that for a long while, speaking English will be much easier for you in the future.

NOTE: This is not a film I recommend;  judging from its trailer, it is not my cup of teaIf you want to read a review of this film, read this article from this blog called  Racialicious - read the comments as well because they do not always agree with the writer, and it is important to see things from different sides.

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  1. the only reason for writing this is to say thank you for the handkerchiefs, they have been very useful because as usual I hadn't got it
    P.S: I hope you know who I am

  2. You are welcome, anonymous writer. I do hope they helped you to start the weekend with a smile.


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