domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Tsunami Anniversary, March,11th

Play this music while you read this post; it is Pau Casal´s El can't dels cells, a melody which is usually played on this date, March 11th, to commemorate the anniversary of the bombings in Madrid.

Pau Casals / Popular catalana - El cant dels ocells

March 11th is a sad date since it is the anniversary of, at least, two major disasters: the terrorist train bombings in Madrid in 2004 and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year.

Here is a ideo about the earthquake in Japan: people from the Tohoku area are expressing their thanks to all of the international aid that has helped them.

The video above is an "official" one whereas the one below, is a "family" one:  “Kasama-Yaki” is an intimate portrait of two potters, Katsuji and Shigeko Kokubo, filmed by their daughter, Yuki. Click here to read more about this project, which tries to show how different people in Japan are coping with their emotional traumas of that day.

Click here if you want further information or more videos about the Japan tsunami aftermath.

2 comentarios:

  1. Paula Folgueira Iglesias14 marzo, 2012

    Seeing again the images of the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan a year ago, another time it gave me goosebumps; they are a very impressive pictures and just thinking about all the consequences that this tsunami was ...
    Undoubtedly March 11th is not a good date for the world at large.
    All that was done by people who suffered the earthquake and what can be done even now, it is worth, so for the people of Tohoku, thanks to them.

  2. Paula, I see you have been using the dictionary to write this comment. Well done - provided you have learnt the new words.


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