domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Lip-Dub in the English Class

In our last session of "graduation speeches" we, the audience, were surprised with this lip-dub of Chris Brown´s song Forever. The dancers were the speakers themselves: Ignacio, Ernesto, Carlos, Amir, Sara and Lucía; the presenter was Igor and the cameraman was David.

Thank you all very much! A lovely surprise to introduce really moving speeches!

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  1. I think that this guys are really funny and they had an amazing idea making a lip dub before their speeches.
    Maybe I said this praise because I´m one of them and although we don´t dance very good , our effort was rewarded with the aplausse of the wonderful audience .
    This way to introduce our graduation speeches I think that´s good idea because in live you should smile always because we were born to smile and to spend good moments with friends.

  2. Carlos, I agree: the idea was awesome! I loved it . I really enjoyed myself - I think everybody did. Thanks again!
    I also think this is a really nice memory for the six of you.

  3. Alba Vázquez López09 abril, 2012

    I agree with Carlos too! I think all of us (the audience) enjoyed ourselves, because the dance was really funny and you guys, dance really well!
    Furthermore, the things that you'd mencioned in the speeches were complete true (about our future) and interesting.
    I would like to do the same next year, because despite the effort of preparing the speech on our own, I would like to have a memory such as this one in my future.
    Good like at university !

  4. Alba, if you are not one of my students next year, you are welcome to give your speech to one of my classes; I´d love to hear your story (though I am learning quite a lot about you from your journal this year) and it is certainly a memory worth having.


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