jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Lucía´s T-shirt

In class this morning, Lucía was wearing a T-shirt with a photograph of the surrealist Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and I couldn´t help noticing it. I find Frida Kahlo mesmerizing

In this video you will get a glimpse of her life, it´s a short biography which includes some of the things we mentioned in class this morning.

The trailer below belongs to Frida, a 2002 biographical film which shows the professional and private life of Frida Kahlo. It stars Salma Hayek in her Academy Award nominated portrayal as Kahlo and Alfred Molina as her husband, Diego Rivera. Antonio Banderas also has a part in the film. 
This film is a good choice for the weekend...


Remember your homework: Frida is said to have had a lover who was a member of the Soviet Russian government, someone who died in Mexico, who?

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  1. I found it very interesting!
    It is said that when Frida had a "free relationship" with Diego Rivera,she had some lovers like Julien Levy,Nicolás Muray and León Trotsky.The last named was the person who was a member of the Soviet Russian government.He was jewish and he was murdered in 1940 by a soldier named Ramón Mercader.

    1. Kathy, do you know all those people you mention or have you just "copied and pasted"?

  2. Such a shame that so many honor her strength as a woman when she turned to affairs, alcohol, swearing and smoking to fill the void of joy in her life. She could not find happiness in any of it.
    What is there to honor in this? Do we want to teach our girls to find strength in drunkenness and repetitive affairs that ruin marriage?
    I too have been very ill and had many dark days.

    I find my strength in the one true Lord, Jesus Christ who will ONLY show Himself if we love Him with ALL our heart, mind and soul. Those who do not give ALL will never know God and will deny He exists because they have not met Him. He gives true joy and meaning to life.

  3. Dan, what a sad view of Frida Kahlo you have!
    We all cope with our suffering in a different way and Frida found hers -whether we like it or not.
    Anyway, I just wanted my students to know a little bit about her life since she is the star in "Zara"´s T-shirts this season. My emphasis was mainly on the colour of her paintings,her struggle in life and her physical appearance, which is really powerful, from my point of view. By the way, I never mentioned getting drunk and, believe me, that´s probably the last thing that comes to my mind when I think of Frida Kahlo.


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