sábado, 28 de abril de 2012


Since we have been talking about Africa ("Remember Atita") in our 1st BAC classes this week, I remembered a lovely video I posted some time ago called Alex Loves Action Films. It was done by an organization called Mama Hope, whose logo is "Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential." Click on the link to get an idea of their work.

The video below, which is a reaction against Hollywood stereotypes of African men, is presented this way: 

After viewing Mama Hope's video, "Alex Presents Commando," Gabriel, Benard, Brian and Derrik (the Kenyan men in this video) told us they wanted to make one that pokes fun at the way African men are portrayed in Hollywood films. They said, "If people believed only what they saw in movies, they would think we are all warlords who love violence." They, like Mama Hope, are tired of the over-sensationalized, one-dimensional depictions of African men and the white savior messaging that permeates our media. They wanted to tell their own stories instead, so we handed them the mic and they made this video. 

The video is also a good opportunity to listen to English spoken with an African accent. I hope you will enjoy the video and get the irony of the message.


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