miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

What if...?

Further practice of Conditionals:

I guess you all know Kate Winslet as an actress because you have all seen "Titanic" (who hasn´t?), but did you know she sings really well as well? Here she is singing the song "What if"- the lyrics are in the second video so that you can sing along

And here´s to those of you who are Titanic fans.

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  1. Sara Pardo, 2ºD14 abril, 2012

    I didn´t know the actress from the famous movie "Titanic" is also a singer. There´s no doubt that I prefer the song from the soundtrack of the movie, which we can hear in third video, than the song that Kate sings here, but I think both are very emotional.
    Furthermore, I'm looking forward to going to the cinema to see this movie again!

  2. Hi Rosa!
    It's an excellent post for a moment of relaxation!
    Certainly,if I had known that Kate Winslet sang so well,I would have listened her songs.
    As for the film "Titanic",this was one of my favourite films when I was 10 years old.I think that is really amazing how the film shows the different topics that it contains(from the love story to a lack of humility and social classes division faced with this tragedy).
    I could never get tired of seeing it!

    1. I´m glad you have enjoyed the post, Kathy.

  3. Vania Rodríguez García 1º F16 abril, 2012

    This film moves me. Even if I see the trailer, I feel sad. I believe that the song is incredible and beautiful. Each time I hear that song or the Bso of Titanic, something moves into me.
    I don´t know anything about the songs of Kate Winslet. I think that she sings so good but I prefer when she acts.

    1. I didn´t know that she could sing, either, but she is not bad.

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