martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

A Speaking Activity

I got this idea from an excellent blog called Life Feast. This is its suggestion for the speaking activity that we did in class.

This video is 6 minutes long and the idea id to keep students engaged into speaking -and communicating so the listener needs to pay attention; this is how it goes:

  • play the video with no sound
  • students get into pairs or trios
  • one/two students face the screen and the other one has his/her back to it
  • The student(s) facing the screen describes what is happening with as many details as possible
  • after 3 minutes the students swap places
  • they do the same for the rest of the video
  • at the end, we can play the video with sound to the class, if the students want to watch it.
This vocabulary is very useful:

You can practise alone at home doing exactly the same that we did in class: describe everything that happens as it happens, but remember to say it aloud, to actually "mouth" it, otherwise it is not good as a speaking activity (when we revise things in our minds, silently, in another language, we are all experts, everything comes out just fine)

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