viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Start the Weekend with a Song, a Smile and a Tear, Maybe

Do you know Kelly Clarkson´s song "Stronger"? If you don´t, here it is. You can find its lyrics in the first video below; in the second video,  the cancer patients of Seattle Children´s Hospital perform the song.

This is my suggestion: play the first video with no sound, and listen to the second one; thus, you´ll get the lyrics from the first and the emotions from the second.


The second video was directed by one of the patients, Chris Rumble, and Seattle University film students were the camera crew.

Moving, wasn´t it? When you see what some people are going through, school exams do not seem to be such a great deal, do they?

If you would like to see how the video was made, click here

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