martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Strike in Defence of Public Education

Spain has a state funded school system and our school is a state one.

Cuts in public education have been progressively implemented lately; what does this mean?: non-replacement of education personnel, increased workload for teachers and other staff, bigger class-sizes, increased tuition fees at the higher education level, smaller salaries for teachers... Needless to say, the consequences of these policies will affect the quality of public education services.

It´s sad, it´s unfair, it´s demoralizing...That´s why I like this campaign called "I went to a state school"

I can´t picture myself going into a classroom like this next September: 

So, boys and girls: 

Food for thought for the government: 

I got these collages from the internet but I do not know who did them - I am sorry!; I think they both have some truth in them: 

The following cartoons are in praise of all those colleagues of mine who enjoy their job and are very good teachers: 

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