domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

To Mothers with Love on Mother´s Day

Some thoughts about mothers...

Why do you love your mum? Are any of your reasons included in the following  list?

I bet you have heard your mum say, "If you...,I´ll kill you." Believe me, mothers  don´t really mean it but some kids seem not to know that: 

Mothers -or their spirits- are everywhere: 

Sometimes children do learn the lessons they get from mothers and these lessons stay with them all their lives:

But I know some of you don´t like her lessons when they come via your computers or mobile phones; in those cases teenagers sometimes classify their moms´ emails under "spam": "Spam Mom." Are you one of those? 

By the way, I think you could teach your mothers quite a few things about technology -texting, for instance. I know, though, that keeping her ignorant is a good way to share some laughs at her expense

Have a nice day!

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