miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

Writer Ray Bradbury has died. He was 91.

He is well known for his science-fiction novel, Farenheit 451, whose title refers to the temperature at which paper catches fire and burns. This book presents a future society where books are outlawed; it tells the story of the protagonist, Guy Montag. At first, Montag takes pleasure in his profession as a fireman, burning illegally owned books and the homes of their owners... would you like to know how the story goes on?


Determine the temperature in Fahrenheit. Using your calculator, subtract 32. Multiply the result times 5. Divide that answer by 9. Your final answer is the temperature in Celsius.

Since you will be enjoying your summer holidays in less than a month, here´s a good reading for the start of your vacation.

fahrenheit 451 full text pdf
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You can download the ebook here

If you are not much of a reader, you might like to watch the film, click here to watch it in English with subtitles in Portuguese, which I am sure you will all understand.

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