martes, 12 de junio de 2012

A Smile for the End of the School Year

The end of the school year is getting closer and we are all exhausted, the students because they are sitting for the last exams and the teachers because they are correcting like crazy so we all need a little bit of humour to keep us going, I think. My classes do not look like this one in the first video yet - who knows what may happen next week, though.

But the European Football Championship has just started, I am not much of a football fun but I know this championship is the most important conversation subject for many people in Europe right now- maybe to try and forget our financial crisis

I guess many of our students keep their excitement for the football matches but here´s a preview of what may happen to many football fans if they get too excited over them.

I do not really know if there is any campaign going on to support the Spain national team, but sometimes these campaigns are very original, and they manage to involved really big crowds. Here´s an example

In 2011, Telecom Telefonica became Colombia’s National Football team´s Official Sponsor; by that time, Colombians had stopped believing in their team, but the company wanted to give a message of optimism so that the team would feel they were supported.
They made an open call to every woman in Colombia named Gloria. And for an entire day, the "Gloria" was theirs. They showed their love and admiration for Colombia´s soccer players, and the whole country came together to form a unified symbol to support their national team.

By the way, soccer or football? Click here  for an explanation

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