viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

A Smile for Friday

Start the weekend with a smile: I am sorry  I am advertising Coca-Cola but this is a video full of positive energy, a video that makes you feel good. It gives a turn to the goal of security cameras: reporting good actions instead of crimes. 

This is a good chance to learn about some positive crimes worth committing; try to imagine what they are before watching the video:
  • people stealing kisses
  • music addicts
  • harmless soldiers (this reminded me of "Arde Lucus" in Lugo)
  • honest pickpockets
  • potato chip dealers
  • attacks of friendship
  • friendly gangs
  • unexpected firemen
  • rebels with a cause (word play with the title of the film "Rebel Without a Cause")
  • peaceful warriors
  • crazy heroes

Watching people can be great fun!

By the way, the song you can hear is Supertramp´s "Give a Little Bit"

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